About Us



ASDA at WesternU is run for and by our members. Our mission aligns with that of National ASDA: to protect and advance the rights, interests and welfare of dental students. We are committed to instilling in our members a lifelong involvement in organized dentistry and provide services, information, education, representation and advocacy.


The vision of ASDA at WesternU is simple: utilize effective fundraising to improve our student’s membership benefits and provide professional resources, networking, service opportunities, advocacy efforts, and support for wellbeing in dental school.

ASDA is for everyone.
— Andrea Numbers, President

our chapter

ASDA Engage and American Dental Political Action Committee (ADPAC) allows you to participate in the discussion and processes through giving students a political voice. Students stay informed, track legislation, and can attend National Student Lobby Day in Washington D.C. Through these venues, students can make an impact by being at the frontline educating and influencing legislators on hot topics such as dental care, delivery models, licensure, and reimbursement policies.

ASDA also has a huge focus on student health and wellness. Through a national initiative #BeWellASDA, the organization encourages students to make Well-Being a priority in our lives through balancing these five dimensions: emotional, physical, intellectual, occupational, and environmental.

ASDA at WesternU encompasses not only all of these benefits but also unique opportunities specific to our school. Our ASDA chapter is 100% member satisfaction driven and we tailor all our events to best serve our students. We work to provide a vertical mentorship system through all levels of a student’s journey with programs such as our Pre-Dental Day, Pre-Dental Mentorship, ASDA Edge for Simulation Clinic Assistance, goodie bag support for exam milestones, and much more.  We seek out educational Lunch and Learn’s to keep our students up-to-date on current trends in dentistry. We implement a committee system to efficiently integrate students into the various aspects of ASDA involvement specific to your interest. Our annual Golf Tournament allows students to enjoy some fun with each other and faculty outside of school.

ASDA is always looking for more students to get involved! If you want to find out how to participate in more ASDA events, contact one of our cabinet members for more information!