October Student and Faculty of the Month

Susie Kim, DMD 2018

Sung Eun Susie Kim is October’s ASDA Student of the Month because of her dedication to everything she does. In addition to being incredibly capable both academically and clinically, Susie is well-rounded in other areas as well, from being active in multiple CDM student organizations to volunteering at nearly every event, bringing her bright, positive spirit and authentic self and inspiring us all to be the best versions of ourselves we can be. Thank you, Susie!

“Sung Eun is the paragon exemplar who models the quintessence of a dental scholar. She is a compassionate altruist with a benevolent smile (and laugh) emitting a jovial demeanor among her colleagues and peers. Her amiable character and genuine poise is coalesced with her commitment to understanding dental medicine and a determination for delivering optimal care for all her clinic patients. The illustrious Sung Eun “Susie” Kim is an inquisitive, confident, sassy, fashionably dressed woman destined to leave her mark on the dental profession with success, brilliance, and elegance. Girl, you deserve this honor! 완전 대박 축하해!” - Corey Stein, DMD 2018

“Susie gives 110% at everything she does, and goes above and beyond for her patients and peers. Her positivity and eagerness to learn is inspiring. Susie will be a blessing to all her future patients.” - Pauline Nguyen, DMD 2017

“Susie is a focused young woman. Her involvement in all aspects of CDM is exemplary. Her desire to learn was evident from the first day of clinic. She has shown continual improvement in not just hand skills, but critical thinking. She has a stage presence that belies her age. She is a very good public speaker. She accepts new assignments with an enthusiasm that is something to be learned. Sure enough, we all learn something from her. She interacts well with her peers, patients, and faculty. It is a pleasure to teach someone with such a thirst for knowledge. I don’t think I have ever seen her frown. Her name should include another ‘S’ for ‘Smiling.’” - Dr. Paul Simeteys

Sean Rowan

ASDA wants to show appreciation to Sean Rowan by recognizing him as October’s Faculty/Staff of the Month. Without Sean's open door policy, genuine interest in working with students, and dedication to each individual’s success, student-run events and clubs would not have flourished at the same rate as it has been in the last few years. He is a true advocate for students and his efforts are greatly appreciated. Thank you, Sean, for your hard work, and helping not just ASDA, but the entire student body.

“Sean Rowan always has the students' best interests at heart and works incredibly hard to make sure students feel supported by CDM. He goes above and beyond to plan college events that bring the students together. Sean is there for students every step of the way, from orientation until graduation.” - Nellie Ghazal, DMD 2017

“Dean Rowan has been nothing but great to our DMD 2020 Class. From the very beginning he was our first exposure to the College of Dental Medicine making sure our transition to dental school was smooth and enjoyable as it can be. He is truly a great person, a good role model in what professionalism should be, and he always is looking out for us. Try to catch him on campus, he never fails to give us that big warm smile!” - Jaycee Lim, DMD 2020

“Sean is an incredible asset to the College. He has a expansive range of responsibilities and the skills to match. He can be called upon to advise students on various matters, coordinate a complex event such as honors day, provide a key recommendation on a policy matter for the College or
University or counsel a colleague or student going through a personal crisis - often all in one day. Sean can be counted upon to bring not only competency, but compassion to each and every responsibility he holds for CDM.” - Dean Steven Friedrichsen