December Student and Faculty of the Month

Salman Chaudrey, DMD 2019

Salman “Sal” Chaudrey is one of the gems of CDM and why he is ASDA’s Student of the Month. A shining beacon of positivity, perseverance, and genuine likeability, Sal’s vibrant personality and brilliant brain is an example of why WesternU’s dental program is so great. We have no doubt that Sal will continue to do great things throughout his dental career. You go, Sal!

“When I think of Sal, many positive values come to mind. Sal’s unconditional commitment to becoming an outstanding doctor is shown every day in his perseverance to learning and doing whatever it takes to accomplish that goal. Sal is always willing to share his knowledge and warm personality to anyone around him, and his honesty and integrity shines through as a model for all.” - Dr. Robert Hasel

“Sal has been an incredible big brother in Sim and class to everyone. He is constantly encouraging our class mates and offers help when ever it is needed. Sal has stayed after to help others on many occasions and continues to be a positive role model within our class.” – Joshua Sanchez, DMD 2019

“One of the kindest most genuine people I know. He shows an incredible amount of humanism and caring when some is struggling in sim. He's the first person there to help them.” – Mahmoud Hamad, DMD 2019

Dr. Alejandro Urdaneta

Dr. Alejandro Urdaneta is this month’s ASDA Faculty of the Month because he embodies the spirit of a someone who loves teaching. He approaches each opportunity with his students as a valuable teaching moment to spread his enthusiasm for prosthodontics and provides personalized care for each of his patients. He is a joy to be around, spreading laughter to both students and patients alike, and is a valuable member of our teaching staff. Thank you, Dr. Urdaneta!

“Dr. Urdaneta is great to work with, always helpful and patients enjoy having him around. He's especially great when it comes to working with Spanish speaking patients and his passion for the profession is on display in multiple languages!” – Stenson Womack, DMD 2017

“The Dental Center is privileged to have Dr. Urdaneta. He is dedicated to helping the students master the art of fabrication of indirect fixed and removable restorations. Dr. Urdaneta demonstrates a possible attitude by spending countless hour teaching students guidelines for laboratory submission. As a result of his contribution students are better able to process lab cases to high standards.” – Veronica Lozano, RDAEF, BS