March Student and Faculty of the Month

Alex Stevens, DMD 2016

For the month of April, the Student of the Month is Alex Stevens of the 2016 class. In the last four years, Alex has been truly exemplary. His warm spirit, passionate volunteerism, and humble attitude stands out to everyone who meets him. Alex's actions are selfless because he never seeks recognition for helping others. He is a quiet leader that many students look up to, and he will undoubtedly be successful after he graduates. Thank you, Alex Stevens! 

"Alex has consistently shown his strong work ethic in numerous instances while proving this in many forms, one such as the realm of public health dentistry. What immediately struck me is how passionate he is to delivering quality care to his patients and his adoration to promoting dental health through organized community efforts. He will undoubtedly be a brilliant leader and a superb asset to the dental community. " - Dr. Elmer Hilo

"Alex is just one of those quiet leaders in the class that leads by example. Whether it is giving encouragement to pre dental students at Riverside free clinics about dental school, to giving advice to dental underclassmen about clinic, Alex is one who his peers feel they can trust and depend on when they need him." - Parth Karia, DMD 2016

"He's like a microbrush. Small but useful " - Rica Guidangen, DMD 2017

"Alex is a stand up citizen." - Daniel Hwang, DMD 2016

Dr. Jeffrey Elo 

The Faculty of the Month is Dr. Jeffrey Elo. Besides being an exceptional teacher and prominent figure in oral surgery, Dr. Elo is also an advocate for student and patient rights. He, along with Dean Friedrichsen, fought for the AB 880 Bill that "allows final year dental students to provide dental treatment at sponsored health care events which offer free care, when supervised by their dental school faculty." His humility and passion for teaching inspire us everyday. Thank you, Dr. Elo, for everything you do for us!

"His contributions to the DMD curriculum, and patient care have been un parallel among his peers. His attention to detail, and pursuit to perfection are examples that other faculty pursue and serves as an amazing role model to students" - Dr. Singh

"Dr. Elo is a humanist who embodies the traits of both a gentleman and a scholar. I'm sure I speak for many students and faculty in saying that we are fortunate to have him as a part of WesternU." - Brian Sun, DMD 2017