The Dental Admission Test (DAT) is a very important key to your success for being a competitive applicant, so it is absolutely crucial to prepare well for the exam. There are plenty of DAT preparation materials to choose from, but each person has their own learning styles that would dictate which materials to invest in. Kaplan offers a DAT prep course that will cover all of the parts of the exam. Listed below are some pros and cons of signing up for a Kaplan prep course to help you decide whether you want to enroll:


AP Bio Cliff notes

AP Bio Cliff Notes provides a concise and great foundation for the Biology section. It also comes with practice tests that you can use to test your knowledge.   


DAT Destroyer

DAT Destroyer includes very challenging sample questions that definitely prepare you for the DAT. You can buy all or just a few of the books depending on your strengths and weaknesses.

Organic Chemistry | General Chemistry | Biology | Quantitative Reading

Coursesaver | chad's videos

The General and Organic Chemistry videos help build the foundation that is necessary for those respective sections.

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crack the dat

Crack DAT PAT is the best PAT study material for the DAT currently out there.

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Visit www.crushthedatexam.com, contact the Pre-Dental Chairs, and attend Pre-Dental events to find out more information! 

PAT | Math | Reading | Science

kaplan DAT

Most Comprehensive Resource: Over 3,500 practice questions  

5 full length practice tests: Timed and on the computer to simulate the real deal & Instant scores reported

Keeps you accountable: Schedule, Classroom environment, & Private tutoring if necessary 

Smart Reports: Identify your weaknesses

Online Resources: Workshops, Quizzes, & Additional resource


Step 1: You are a first-time Kaplan student and enroll in a High Score Guaranteed eligible program which has been paid in full.

Step 2: You complete that program and take the official test when it is next administered.

Step 3: Within three months of completing that program, you share your official score with Kaplan and tell them whether you want to repeat the same program one more time for free OR if you didn’t score higher on the official test, you want your money back instead.

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