Advocacy Director & Legislative Liaison: Ivana Younan

Licensure & Ethics Co-chairs: Shiva Amanat and Sandy Ku

Marketing Communications

Marketing Director: Ashtin Alves

Newsletter Chair: Kelly Cox

Design Editor: Anne Tran

Social Media Chair: Gloria Luong

Video Production Chair: Daniel Aclan


Finance Director: Shelby Maurice

Fundraising Co-Chairs: Nada Ali, Vicky Bartolome, Morgan Franco

Academic Enrichment

Academic Enrichment Director & Pre-dental Co-Chair: Karina Valentin

Pre-dental Co-chairs: Lala Grigori and Sunny Kim

Lunch and Learn Co-chairs: Pooja Mehta and Monette Solomon

Business Co-chairs: Kevin Nguyen and Nomaan Vadria


Outreach Director: Regina Delacruz

Member Services Co-chairs: Alexis Dawson, Shriraj Shah, Vu Tran

Community Outreach Co-chairs: Jihae Cho and Christopher Xu