Paying for dental school

Have no fear, WesternU ASDA Pre-dental Co-chairs are here! We know that it is intimidating to think about paying for dental school. The same thought goes through all of our heads: How am I going to pay off a home mortgage by the time I’m done with school? When planning to pay for dental school, it is important to remember that it is an investment for your future. There are many resources that are offered to help us choose the best repayment plan for our debts. Here are a few programs and scholarships to keep in mind: National Health Service Corps Scholarships, National Health Service Corps loan repayment program, etc.

For more valuable information on how to pay for dental school, please visit National ASDA’s website for at to learn how to manage your debt and set up a plan specific to your needs to pay back student loans.


" I applied for the NHSC Scholarship because I have seen first-hand the need for more providers in underserved communities. Too often, there aren't enough viable options for people who lack access to care or patients cannot find providers that will accept their insurance. By pursuing a career in community dentistry, I can be a part of the solution. This scholarship offers the best of both worlds by covering my tuition, providing a stipend, while ensuring my career in community dentistry." - Tracy Ngo, DMD 2018

"The idea of dental school costs can be very daunting. Graduating with somewhere between a quarter to a half-million dollars in debt can give nightmares to even the most staunch optimist. Fortunately, for those so inclined, there are two programs available through the United States Department of Defense to help alleviate the costs. These two programs allow a dental student to receive benefits while in school, in exchange for 4 years of service in either the US Army, Navy, or Air Force. Please note that the Marine Corps is serviced by Navy medical officers, so the Navy dental officers serve both Sailors and Marines..." - Justin Miller, DMD 2018

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